About Us

Founded in 1999, Netlink is a premier provider of information technology, supply chain and business process solutions.

Immediate Business Results
Netlink guarantees strong business results immediately to all its customers. It does this by leveraging its unique delivery model & technology, its unique pricing guarantee and its people.

Netlink’s unique model is called the Delta Platform. It is a proprietary set of processes, systems, pre-built technologies and web-based tools that enables virtually distributed team integration for IT delivery. Our Delta platform combined with our industry leading cSaaS architecture delivers powerful solutions for our cloud based products.

Netlink is one of the few technology solution providers that use a fixed bid model. We have proven that we can improve efficiency and lower costs. Therefore, we can use the 20:20 rule with our customer. The 20:20 rule guarantees 20% cost savings and 20% service improvement as a result of using the Netlink model.

Netlink is very proud of its people. We have a staff of hardworking people and individuals of high-integrity who focus on doing the best for the customer every day. We have a highly trained staff of SMEs, processes experts, statistical / mathematical / domain Ph.D.’s, software and network engineers, architects, analysts, programmers, developers and administrators who makes an impact on their customers’ businesses every day. Each team member of Netlink is focused on providing strong results and building customer driven relationships. They are proud to be “Easy To Work With”.

Based on Netlink’s ability to anticipate client needs and to provide the right solutions and people, its growth has been nothing short of phenomenal. Our average annual revenue growth has exceeded 100% since 1999.

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